Social Media Marketing PRO SKILLS

Once you decided which platforms you are using, its time to think about your branding for a great first impression. Be sure to make your logo and branding consistent accross all platforms even if the content varies.

Even if you already have social media profiles, it may be worth a few minutes of your time to update your graphics and branding to include any new contact information or products and services.

Pro Tips & Tricks:

Be sure to intergrate all your platforms and your website by adding links to each other in profiles and descriptions. When writing your profile use searchable words to increase your chances of ranking in search engines. Here’s a few more tips:


Content is just one piece of the puzzle. How you present that content to your audience can make a difference. There is tons of competition on social media plus algorithms, give yourself a fighting chance by planning our approach. Here are some marketing tips and strategies:

Pro Tips & Tricks

Consider your audience. Depending on your customer’s demographic, you may consider one platform over another.

Also consider what type of content you will be creating. For long videos you tube may be the best fit, for shorter videos tiktok or stories may be th best route.

Do your research. Learn who your audience is and their interests and even dislikes. This will help in knowing what your message should be and how it should be presented to your potential customers. Also, when resharing content to save time, knwoing your audience will be crutial to know what content they will like and engage with.

Consistency in your social media profiles. Although posting consistently is important, having cohesive branding accross all your platforms is vital as well for brand recognition.

Use hashtags efficiently and often. Check out our article on hashtags to learn more.


Ad Design Pro Tips & Tricks:

When creating an advertising flyer compositon is very important. Design your ad with an edge all the way around. Not only does this create a professional look, it will save a step down the road if you decide to print this design since in printing a bleed edge is almost always required. Remember to include your social media and contact information. You should also consider creating a qr code.

Colorful Strategies

There are some obvious tips for photographs such as high quality images with proper filters and editing. In addition there are some timeless marketing techniques you can also apply to the digital age. Articles with images get 94% more views.

Color can make all the difference when using color psychology. Most major brands have not just iconic logos but even colors are associated in brand recognition. Facebook has a very unique blue, You Tube sticks to red. The colors of your images help grab the eye of your potential customers.

Colors are associated with concepts as well as your mood in industries such as interior design. When making a romantic graphic or image, you may use red to ignite romance and love. A capital driven company may choose green to represent money and revenue. Are 3 colors you can think of that catch your eye the most?


Creator Tip: Ever wonder why a traffic signal uses the colors green, red and yellow? There are about 120 million rods in the human retina and most are sensitive to red, green and yellow. Our eyes can process these colors with the most ease and due to that seems to be drawn to those colors.

When editing and creating color combinations and themes in your graphics there are a few more things to keep in mind. For text and info graphics contrast of color is imperative for legibility and clarity. Although just a small percentage of the population is color blind, this may also play a factor when considering color combinations. For more on Color Psychology check out this free guide from


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