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A conversation with your audience

Algorithms, to boost or not to boost, social media marketing can be overwhelming and easily get a business owner burnt out. Sometimes you just need a fresh idea. As a general rule, most social media marketing is posted as 80% entertainment and 20% advertising.

Look at your feed as a conversation with your customer, you wouldn’t just talk to your customer about your business hours and sales in person. You might mix in some small talk to ease into a more trustworthy and approachable position. The same principle applies to your social platforms. If all you post is business information, once you customer knows all that, there is no reason to continue the conversation and no reason to follow or stay engaged.

Leave your customers buzzing and talking, with you and with the community that is your social feed. Ask open ended questions, get topical, even share other pages content about your customers interests. (Example a repair shop might share content from a car show event page.)

When possible get the customers talking to you. Run campaigns that ask the customer to post or share. Have them post a selfie when picking up or dropping off their vehicle. Adding an incentive such as discount or free product may increase participation.

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Posters Block

Just like writers block there can be blank moments, just having no clue what to talk about or post next. So here are a few basic idea to get you rolling again:

  1. Before / After – show the difference your product or service can make
  2. This or That – discovery your customers preferences and like & dislikes
  3. A/B/C/D – Mulitple choice poll or question
  4. Offer Quick Tips and Tricks – simple hacks, nothing too detailed
  5. Post 5 Star Reviews – Bonus Move: Offer discounts or deals to encourage more reviews
  6. Storytelling – Stretch a story or experience over a few posts rather all in one (leave them wanting more)
  7. Style Options – post examples of various products and services that offer customizations such as color or texture.
  8. Production/Logistics – Talk about the process of how your service plans are prepared or what materials a product may be made from.
  9. Fun facts and history – Find relative educational videos and images
  10. Records or achievements – discuss any awards or unique achievements of your business
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